OUR MISSION - Run North County is a non-profit that focuses on connecting runners to resources, helping the awesome organizers of local fun runs in North County San Diego, and finding ways for the running community to give back to local charities and organizations. 

People think of running as a lonely sport, and we've learned that it is quite the opposite. Running is about people. Whether you're racing, or going on a 20 minute walk, it all eventually comes back to connecting with others in the running community.


"We are connecting runners and community, One Run at a Time."

We hope you enjoy our site.  All of the group runs, and promos are free to anyone in North County - whether you live here, or are visiting!  (To access the PROMOS, you must create a "Login/Sign up." (see below)  If you'd like to get involved, or have a run you think should be included, go to our contact page, and email us.  

OUR HISTORY - In 2010, weekly run leaders were putting on runs and we were all promoting and supporting these runs separately to small groups of runners.  It also made it hard to find a run that you could get all the information about.  The solution, "let's work together." 

We created Run North County, a resource for runners to find not only group runs, but fun community events put on by local community partners in North County.  As the community has grown, so have the opportunities presented to runners in the community. Each year, we are able to offer special discounts to events, deals at locally owned stores, and provide fun raffle prizes and gears to support these runs. 

As an organized non-profit, we've been able to give back to the community in more ways than running too. By pooling the awesome people who attend the weekly runs and the community partners from the endurance industry we've been able to give back to the running community and the local charities. We have volunteered as an organization at events ranging from the Carlsbad Marathon, to the Ironman Triathlon.  We've also been able to conduct successful food drives for local food banks, and holiday toy drives providing toys for thousands of children.

Most importantly, as we close in on a decade, we have already accumulated thousands of great memories, spawned great friendships, and created a resource that provides safe and fun opportunities for runners and walkers in North County San Diego.  

We look forward to many more runs (and many more years!) and hope that you can make it out to a community run in North County. some time soon!!!

You can find us on Social Media by going to;

Facebook: Run North County (Page)

Instagram: Run_North_County

MeetUp: North County Running Meetup


LOGIN/SIGNUP? - Run North County works with local vendors, race diretors, and companies who offer discounts and promotions exclusively to Run North County.  


To access these discounts, we ask you to "Log In."  Logging In is free to everyone. We do not share your login with anyone, it doesn't require any personal information, and we do not send you emails. (The goal is to eventually send a newsletter 2x/year to let you know what RNC is up to.)  The Login is to make sure that these promotions are used reserved for people who are part of the Run North County community and nothing more. 


Whether you "LogIn/SignUp", or not, please feel free to use our website and facebook pages as a resource to find out what is going on around North County's running scene.  All of these runs are locally organized and operated, and are completely FREE!



Connecting North County Runners and Walkers, 

One Run at a Time!

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