Due to restrictions currently in place due to the COVID-19 outbreak, 

Group Runs in North County are all officially and currently on hold.


(Below you will find State and Local guidelines on safe exercise and face mask use)


Run North County and local run leaders are working together with the plan to resume as soon as state (CA) and local (SD County) mandates and policies allow for these runs to take place again.

In an effort to help runners in North County, San Diego make safe and healthy decisions regarding running, walking, and exercising during this time, we are providing the following links and guidelines. 

Please read all links below before you exercise at this current time so that you can practice safe and healthy habits in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Here is the Official California State Guidelines; 

Many of California’s public outdoor spaces and campgrounds may now open in certain counties with COVID-19 safety modifications. Follow the State’s stay home order by staying in your own community for recreation. Take part in outdoor activities only with members of your household. 

Check the status of outdoor spaces managed by your county or city before you leave your home. Visitors are advised to bring soap for handwashing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers for when water is not available.

Full Details of California Covid-19 Guidelines are available here; CLICK HERE

Here is the Official San Diego County COVID-19 Guidelines;

- Everyone should stay home except to take care of essential needs, go to an essential job, go to reopened businesses or go out for exercise. 

- Practice social distancing. Keep at least six feet away from other people unless they’re household members. Avoid gatherings of any size.

- You need to have a face covering when leaving home and wear it when you're within six feet of anyone not a household member, or when entering a business. 

- It is strongly recommended you stay home, unless you need medical care, if:

  • You are over 65 years old

  • Have a chronic underlying health condition

  • Have a compromised immune system

  • Have mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19

Full Details for San Diego County Covid-19 Guidelines are available here; CLICK HERE

Face Coverings (Masks);

As of May 1, the County is requiring you to wear face coverings in many public settings. The coverings help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and are part of our path to reopening San Diego. 


Face coverings can be made of cloth. Homemade coverings, bandanas, scarves and neck gaiters are all OK. Medical grade masks should be saved for healthcare workers.

Here is a link to San Diego County's Face Coverings Guidelines; CLICK HERE

Run North County Running Suggestions;

  1. Do run by yourself. Group runs will be back sooner than later, and when they are, we'll all be on it. For now our runs are cancelled out of concern for yours and our run leaders' health.

  2. Do wear face coverings. While you aren't required to wear a face covering while running, you should have one ready for when social distancing isn't possible. You should also put it on before and after your run when in the vicinity of any persons who are not members of your household circle. 

  3. Don't run in large groups. Health experts are advising that people avoid coming into contact with anyone they don't live with, so you really shouldn't be meeting up with a single running buddy, let alone a group run. 

  4. Do try to run at "off-peak" hours. To make social distancing easier, it's probably better to stick to traditional early morning hours for running if possible.

  5. Don't run if you're sick - stay home if you are sickIf you're at risk of potentially spreading the virus, stay home! You could potentially expose someone who is at high risk, such as elderly and immunocompromised people—or even someone who is completely healthy; the coronavirus doesn't discriminate.

  6. Don't touch anything on your run. Carry your own water bottle rather than relying on public fountains, and avoid touching traffic light buttons to cross the street. Use your sleeve or elbow if you have to.

  7. Do give yourself plenty of space to distance yourself from any other runners (ie. practice Social Distancing). This one is actually pretty easy, especially if you're running on wide streets or trails. You can still give your usual running mates a nod or a wave while passing from an appropriate distance—6 feet. 

  8. Don't run the course anyway in place of your canceled race. If your race is offering a virtual race option, great! Just complete it by yourself. When the Boston Marathon announced its postponement, many runners shared that they planned to still run the course on April 20, and race officials quickly advised against it. Not only would it be unsafe with the streets open to car traffic, but the usual medical resources dispatched on race day would not be of assistance either, especially given the current pandemic. 

  9. Do try to avoid hard workouts. While long-distance running has been tied to strong immunity, too many hard efforts could potentially have the opposite effect and leave you feeling weak and rundown later on.

We are hard at work figuring out how we can safely run with you again soon.  Please continue to email us with any questions and check back for updates here and on the Run North County Facebook page.  We look forward to seeing you on the roads and trails - from a safe distance for now. :)

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