Run Leader Guidelines

Group runs accomplish many goals for Run North County; they bring people together, both seasoned and newer runners. They create a social atmosphere for the group that supports a runner’s training needs, and more. Organizing and leading a group run is an important responsibility.
To help ensure your group runs are well organized and safe, Run North County has the following guidelines for leading a group run.


RNC Guidelines for Group Run Leaders 


  • RNC recommends that Run Leaders

  • Stay up to date on RNC insurance or policies.

  • Be CPR and First Aid certified.

  • Keep a general first aid kit nearby.

  • Encourage runners to wear a flasher on their back and headlamps if running the dark. It’s good to have a few to “lend” out during your run.

  • Never leave anyone behind.

  • Be the last one to leave post-run or designate a volunteer.

  • Provide “rules of the run.” These include, but are not limited to:

  • Stick to the designated route.

  • Be safe and share the roads/trails.

  • Be mindful of language and conversation content.

  • Everyone should Obey all traffic signs. NEVER run the group against a light or through a stop sign.

  • Avoid confrontations with drivers.

  • Use sidewalks and trails as much as possible, if the group runs on a road, face traffic and run no more than two abreast.


Group Run

  • Map out the route(s) beforehand.

  • Greet new members and make them feel welcome.

  • Clearly outline the distance(s) for the run and provide options. If the run is 6 miles, point out 2- and 4-mile turnarounds.

  • Provide clear instructions of the route, various paces, terrain, and hydration support.

  • Recruit a back of the pack runner who carries a cell phone in case of emergencies.

  •   Consider a post run brunch or lunch at a nearby restaurant. 

  • Have fun!