a Charity for Kids

Sweet Feet is a local charity in North County San Diego dedicated to offering a relaxing, stress free environment where kids (& families) can develop a lifelong love for the healthy and inexpensive sport of running. 

Sweet Feet meets every other Friday afternoon. Each week's fun is accompanied with an adventure run (between 1-3 miles) at various locations around North County (e.g., Swamis, Batiquitos lagoon, low tide beach runs, etc…). 


Joining in on the fun is FREE.  Any child wanting to learn to run a mile is welcome to join Sweet Feet. Parents, you can drop your kids off or stay and join in on the run fun (we’d love to have you), but plan on an hour between drop off and pick up, so we can do some light stretching and socializing. We will let you know the run location a couple of days prior to the run so you can coordinate rides.   We will be posting info about, and the location of each run will also be posted on Run North County's Facebook page.



NEXT RUN - October 21st- the Spook the Kook Run! Join us for an early Halloween costume run on Friday, October 21st at 4:30pm. Wear your Halloween costumes and we'll run from Swamis Park to the Kook statue, spook the Kook for a bit, and run back. Prizes for the "spookiest" costumes.  (Parents invited to dress up too!!!) :)


Contact Sweet Feet  at; sweetfeet@gmail.com

Go to Sweet Feet's Facebook Page;  SweetFeet Facebook

"Run Sweet, Be Sweet, Live Sweet"

Run Sweet

  • Try your best

  • Welcome Sweet Feeters of all shapes, sizes and paces

  • Run your own race

  • Show courtesy to all runners/walkers/bikers/animals

  • Don’t give up on yourself

  • Have fun!

Be Sweet

  • Be kind

  • Be gracious

  • Be active

  • Be patient, tolerant and accepting of yourself and others

  • Be respectful of yourself and others

  • Be positive and inspire others through your running and your actions

  • Be humble

Live Sweet

  • Volunteer

  • Lead by example

  • Make a difference in your community

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