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Upcoming Volunteer Events

2020 Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon Aid Station

Join in on the fun as we volunteer as a group at Tamarack and Coast Hwy 101 to host an aid station at The Carlsbad Marathon is Sunday, January 19th!


We'll be handing out water, electrolyte drinks, gels, and maybe even some egg nog to runners in both the half and full marathon this year.  This is our 5th year hosting an aid station, we're looking for 30-40 volunteers.  


Bring your friends, or meet other runners from around North County.  We'll be hosting with runners from Tri Club SD, Ultrabuds, Seaside Striders, SDTC, and you! :). It's a blast with volunteers receiving free coffee and goodies, and an event t-shrt - and some Run North County schwagg too.  


We know sometimes you may only have a few hours of time to donate, sign up anyway and we'll be grateful for any time you can volunteer for. (we appreciate any time you have available.) Instruction for Volunteer Registration is below, please sign up so we can get a head count and get you a volunteer tee-shirt.

1. Sign Up Here:
2. Scroll down to "Water Station - Run North County" & click the Select button.
4. Select Tee Shirt Size from the drop down.
5. Scroll down and click "Volunteer Waiver Info"
7. Enter Your info
8. Click Enter to complete your form at the bottom

Volunteer Perks for Run North County Runners and Walkrs 

at ANY ERS (Endurance Race Series) Event

Volunteer at ANY Endurance Race Series, and get a Free Entry for Any of Their 5 San Diego Events in the Sunshine Series!

Every runner from Run North County that volunteers at any Seasick Event will get a free entry to use in another event, or for a friend who would like to run in the event that you are volunteering for.  Shifts are usually pretty short, and can range from assisting in course marshaling, passing out bibs, manning aid stations and turn arounds, and helping with post race refreshments.  (Volunteers also get an event T!) 

This year's Calendar of Events includes; 

- Coast to Crest 5K & 5 Miler, - March, 2020                                     - Carmel Valley 15K, 10K, & 5K - October 2019

- Black Mountain 1/2 Marathon & Turkey Burner,-  November     - Del Dios 1/2 Marathon, 10K, & 5K - December 2019

- San Pasqual 1/2 Marathon & 5K - February, 2020

To volunteer, reach out to Endurance Race Series via email at; EVENTS@ENDURANCRACESERIES.com

(A REMINDER that there is a 25% off discount code for all ERS Events in the RNC "PROMOS" section of the website)

Go to www.EnduranceRaceSeries.com for all event and race dates & details.